EMF Exposure Basics


Are you concerned about exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs)?

There is growing evidence that the EMFs of modern wireless communication technology are adversely affecting human health, and the exposure continues to increase in quantity and intensity exponentially over time. Year after year, more cell towers and WiFi hotspots are installed while more and more wireless gadgets come online in what is called the internet of things, posing an increasing threat to human health.

Common Symptoms of EMF exposure:

  • Cardiac, Nervous and Endocrine System Dysregulation

  • Headaches and nerve pain

  • Digestive disturbances

  • Insomnia, difficulty sleeping, & fatigue

  • Heart arrhythmia & palpitations

  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)

  • Depression & anxiety

  • Forgetfulness & difficulty concentrating

  • Low fertility & infertility

  • Skin rashes or redness

  • ‘Idiopathic’ joint pain, skin pain, and muscle pain

  • Vertigo & nausea

  • Reduced immunity, increased allergic response, & autoimmunity

Wireless technology mostly uses frequencies in the microwave spectrum, which is slightly higher frequency than the radio wave spectrum, because it can contain more information due to the increased frequency. Lower frequency waves tend to transmit over greater distances but are more limited in their informational capacity. Since microwave ovens are used to heat food with the same frequency ranges used to communicate, initially many people assumed that as long as the intensity wasn’t so great that it caused heating of bodily tissues, that the microwave communication technology should be safe. This, however, has been shown not to be the case. Microwaves do not heat food in the same way as conventional ovens, which radiate heat in the form of infrared radiation and convection currents in the air inside the oven. This kind of heat is expressed as molecular vibrations, wherein more vibration equates to greater temperature. Microwaves pass through many materials unabsorbed, but they are absorbed by water molecules, which begin to spin when they absorb microwaves. The spin of water is eventually absorbed by surrounding molecules through friction, causing the vibrations that become heat. Unfortunately, it is becoming clear that water is not the only molecule in biological systems that can absorb microwaves, and even if it were, the interrelationship between water molecules, which can be very important in cell biology, would be disrupted by the spinning of water molecules. More evidence continues to show that microwave communication technology is neurotoxic and possibly carcinogenic.


Tips for Minimizing Exposure to EMFs:

  1. Do not hold a cell phone to your head, instead use speakerphone or headphones.

    • Consider EMF protective cases for smartphones and mobile devices.

  2. Turn off unused antennas (WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.)

    • Turn off or unplug your WiFi router, especially at night while sleeping!

    • Smartphone: airplane mode at night or whenever possible.

    • Use wired internet connections for desktop computers.

  3. Keep cell phones away from your body when antennas are on.

    • Use a bag instead of a pocket.

  4. Spend time outdoors away from paved roads (forests, mountains, deserts, etc.) to let your body have a break in EMF exposure. Negative ions and organicEMFs around living things may be beneficial to your overall health.

More Tips for EMF Safety:

  • Avoid using a cell phone and WiFi while pregnant.

  • Don’t allow children to use cell phones to make calls.

  • Minimize cell phone calls and call times.

  • Do not hold a cell phone to your head.

  • Use speakerphone or headphones (especially air-tube headsets).

  • Keep cell phones away from your body, in a bag instead of a pocket.

  • Keep cell phones in airplane mode while sleeping or when not taking calls.

  • Turn off location services (GPS) when not in use for navigation.

  • Turn off Bluetooth and other antennas that are not in use on your smartphone, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Minimize WiFi exposure: use wired internet or download files for offline use.

  • Turn off WiFi, when not in use, especially at night while sleeping.

  • Avoid using a cell phone within a car, as it can concentrate the reflected signal inside the vehicle.

  • Use an EMF protective phone case, such as pong, alara by brink, or DefenderShield.

  • Send text messages instead of calling when possible.

  • Consider a Faraday Bed Canopy for EMF protection.